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3 Person Far Infrared Sauna

3 Person Far Infrared Sauna
3 Person Far Infrared Sauna 3 Person Far Infrared Sauna

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Our 3 person sauna is ideal if you want more space to relax or share your session with friends or family. This spacious model comes equipped with all the fantastic features of the 2 person sauna.

Dimensions: 1.62m X 1.43m x 1.95m

Life Changing Health Benefits from our Sauna for Three
If you enjoy a lifestyle that values health, wellbeing and relaxation, consider the benefits of an at home sauna. There is plenty of research, studies and reference materials that support the health benefits of sauna and you can find many of them online. Alternative, you can experience them first-hand with our 3 person far infrared sauna.*

*Always consult your Healthcare Professional for advice on medical ailments and appropriate treatments.
An Australian Designed Sauna for Australian Electrical Standards
iHealth have set a new benchmark in sauna safety. Our saunas are built to Australian electrical safety standard AS/NZS 60335.1:2011 No. SGS-150639-E.

If anyone tells you their sauna has Australian Electrical Certification, ask to see their certificate. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone that can... unless it's us.

Industry Leading Warranties
Delivery on warranties is not easy. Storage facilities, stock, staff, delivery options and a commitment to deliver are required.

For our 3 Person Sauna we offer a lifetime heater warranty; 5 year cabinet warranty and 5 year electrical warranty with absolute confidence. It's what we're known for.

Exclusive Carbon Infrared Heaters
Our carbon fibre heating elements are superior to other linear-based elements because their infrared energy is dispersed across a much wider surface area, delivering a more comfortable and effective sauna experience.
  • High efficiency low EMF carbon fibre heaters with life-time warranty on heater elements
  • Plugs into any 10Amp household powerpoint for a run cost of 20 cents* per session
  • Unique programmable digital control panel with pre-set capability
  • Australian Electrical Approval AS/NZS 60335.2.53.2011
  • Bonus moveable precision FIR Pure Wave Ceramic Heater for specific treatment areas
*Cost per session is based on average session time of 30 minutes at 50 Celsius.
Cost per session may vary slightly depending upon local electricity supplier rates.

Handcrafted Elegance In Every Detail
Our 3 Person infrared sauna cabinets are meticulously hand-crafted from interlocking double walled Canadian Hemlock Spruce that has been kiln-dried for 45 days. Kiln drying stabilises the timber to prevent warping and splitting, guaranteeing years of trouble-free performance.

Unlike timbers such as cedar, Canadian Spruce is resin-free and hypoallergenic so it doesn’t emit toxic gases that may cause irritation to some people. This unique property has made spruce the first choice in quality sauna manufacture for hundreds of years.

Built to Last
With more than 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to make a safe, long lasting sauna.

Our 3 Person infrared sauna is constructed from interlocking, double layer Spruce panels with a uniquely crafted, rectangular front profile.
The cabinet also features an 8mm toughened safety glass door, heavy duty polished stainless steel hinges and stainless steel handles.

We can guarantee that you will be as happy in the years to come as the day you chose your iHealth Sauna.
Precision Controlled Sauna Therapy
Sauna time should be easy and carefree, and it is with our 3 Person infrared saunas.

With our iHealth touch-sensitive digital control system, it is simple to operate, pre-heat and even program auto on/off to deliver your perfect sauna experience.

Our robust controllers are covered by a 5-year comprehensive warranty.
Bonus Movable FIR Ceramic Pure Wave Heater
Our iHealth 3 Person sauna comes complete with one versatile, movable precision Ceramic Pure Wave infrared heaters. These movable heaters apply direct infrared therapy to accelerate treatment and recovery, so you can treat specific pain areas such as knees and feet, one of the many health benefits of sauna.
Audio Relaxation
Listen to your favourite tunes whilst you relax and unwind. Our 3 Person infrared sauna features a high quality PIONEER AM/FM/CD/USB/MP3 stereo sound system with remote control.
Our 3 Person sauna is fitted with our iHealth Aromatherapy system.

Aromatherapy is well understood to influence mood and energy levels. Some fragrances create relaxation and aid sleep, whilst others can stimulate the senses and boost energy levels.

The iHealth Aromatherapy system only uses the highest quality plant extracts and essential oils to enhance your sauna experience and well-being.
LED Colour Therapy
Studies have been done on the positive effects of light on our moods. Red and orange hues are great for increasing energy and vitality whilst the softer colours of blue and green can relax and even aid in healing and general well being.

Our 3 Person sauna includes an iHealth LED Colour Module with remote control to set your mood and further aid in balancing and harmonising the mind and body.
Ultimate Comfort with iHealth Lumbar Support
The iHealth lower back support included in our 3 Person infrared sauna helps support you comfortably ensuring maximum enjoyment from your sauna experience.

Crafted from beautiful Canadian Spruce, the lumbar support blends perfectly with the Spruce panelling of the sauna cabin.
Oxygen Ioniser Module
The iHealth 3 Person sauna includes an Oxygen Ioniser Module designed to assist oxygen maximisation.

Negatively charged ions have the additional benefit of tracking down and binding with pollutants such as bacteria, mould and pollen, removing them from the air you breathe.
Wrap Yourself in Luxury
Our iHealth 3 Person infrared sauna cabin also comes with an added touch of luxury. As a gift to you we include 2 luxurious towelling robes and slippers to keep you comfortable whilst entering or leaving your sauna. We also include 2 stainless steel water bottles.
3 Person Sauna Dimensions
Back panels may sit flush against the wall.
The door extends a further 560mm from the front of the sauna when fully open.
Hinges must remain on the right hand side of the door.

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