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Feel the difference.

Helping people reduce pain, lose weight 
and sleep better.

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Regain a better quality of life.

Make your home a place of wellness and create work life balance with an iHealth Sauna at home.

Soothing heat

Why infrared saunas?

iHealth Infrared Saunas work by heating the body directly, penetrating 4 - 5 cm into the skin, creating a cardiovascular workout whilst removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat.

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Keep your health on track

Personalised ownership experience

Be guided on how to achieve best results with your iHealth Sauna with our tailored sauna usage guidelines. Talk to our team to find out how.

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Our sauna range

Your mind and body will thank you.

Lite Range

iHealth Sauna craftsmanship and technology simplified


ON SALE - Premium Range

Our signature sauna experience refined and improved upon for the past 11 years

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Full Spectrum

The latest in near + far infrared technology and design



Why limit where a sauna can go? Let's go outside...


City Compact

At 58cm deep, it's smaller than most desks. Slide open to sweat. Slide closed to stow.


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