iHealth Saunas

Unsurpassed craftsmanship and meticulous detailing

Australian Electrically Certified

Designed in Australia

Complete your outdoor area with style.

Take your infrared sauna experience into your backyard and discover a world of freedom and relaxation.


Tried and tested infrared technology safely outdoors.

Built to last tough Aussie conditions

20mm thick Canadian cedar construction. Shingle roofing tiles. 8mm toughened glass door.

Tailor your experience

Colour therapy lighting. Essential Oils. Bluetooth Sound System.

Sweat it out whilst it rains outside

All internals built to Australian Electrical standards and IPX2 water resistance.

iHealth Infrared Heating System

Outdoor Barrel sauna uses Full Spectrum and Carbon Far infrared heating system

Australian Electrical Certification

All iHealth Saunas are built to Australian Electrical Safety standards. AS/NZS 60335.1:2011 No. SGS-150639-E.

Meticulously crafted

Outdoor barrel is built using solid canadian cedar wood staves, assembled on site piece by piece. Finished off with waterproof single roofing.

Lifetime heater warranty

Outdoor Barel comes with lifetime heater warranty, 5 year electrical warranty. We recommend treating the exterior of the sauna with a suitable furniture oil or similar, based on your weather conditions.

The Benefits

Feel The Difference

Helping people reduce pain, lose weight
and sleep better.

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Where can it be placed?

Suitable for any outdoor area. Must be installed on a solid and level surface such as cement slab, pavers, decking. Not suitable for pebbles or uneven surfaces.
15 Amp powerpoint required

Please note that there needs to be some space around the sauna to allow for assembly. If the floor surface allows they can be pushed into a tighter space or up against a wall once assembled. There also needs to be 25cm space above the sauna.

Outdoor Barrel Range

Available In

3-4 Person


Everything you need to know


3-4 Person: 1.95w X 1.5d x 2.11h, 3300 Watts 15 Amp powerpoint


20mm thick Canadian cedar construction
Built to last tough Aussie conditions
Shingle roofing tiles
8mm toughened glass door
Colour therapy lighting
Aromatherapy with essential oils
Bluetooth sound system
All internals built to Australian Electrical standards
IPX2 water resistance


Lifetime heater warranty 5 year cabinet and electrical warranty

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