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Live Again with an iHealth Sauna

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Although people understand the benefits of sauna, they they don't know how to actually achieve those benefits once they have the sauna in their home. There is much more to the sauna experience than just sitting in a room. We help you reach your sauna goals

The sauna industry is made up of business' who care more about themselves than their clients... leading to poor customer experience and service. We care about your health, which is why we created The Live Again experience in the first place.

Come Along To One Of Our Live Again Sessions


Sauna Delivered


What are your sauna goals? Find out what your sauna session length, temp and routines look like. When is best time to use, what to do before, during and after your sauna sessions.

Week 2


Learn about additional tweaking to your sauna sessions to help you get the most out of your sauna session. We recommend some simple daily tasks and rituals you can do to help you achieve your sauna and health goals quicker.

Week 4


This is where we take stock of where you’re at, re-adjust accordingly and keep on saunering.

Week 8


Now you feel energised, more in control of your health and you feel like you’re living again! It’s time to pop some green juice (not champagne) and enjoy.

Want to Live Again?

If you're the kind of person who just wants to sweat and isn't as dedicated to living again, that is Okay too. Just let us know and after we make sure the sauna is working perfectly and you're happy, we will let you to sweat it out on your own.

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