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How Long Do Infrared Saunas Last?

We know you’ll want to enjoy your sauna for years to come so you may be wondering how long do infrared saunas last? Below is information on saunas and what to look for when it comes to longevity and ensuring your sauna will stand the test of time. 

iHealth Saunas has been supplying top quality saunas to Australians since 2008, making us Australia’s longest-running infrared sauna company. We don’t just see ourselves as a sauna company though. We’ve seen so many of our clients’ health and wellbeing improve through incorporating regular sauna use into their lives - this makes us super passionate about ensuring everyone gets the best experience possible. We work with all of our clients to help them achieve the results they’re looking for - we provide tailored usage guidelines based on your goals and challenges and provide ongoing support through webinars and an online support group. If you want to know how long do saunas last, here is information to take into consideration: 

How Long Do Saunas Last? And What To Look Out For

When it comes to how long do saunas last it does vary depending on the quality of the sauna. It’s the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ - the better the quality the longer it will last (we recently helped a client whose sauna was 12 years old). 

When it comes to how long do saunas last, here are some tips on what to look for: 

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Because we pride ourselves on the quality of our saunas, you can rest easy knowing they are built to last. When you contact us, we won’t just try to sell you a sauna though. To ensure you purchase the best model for your needs, we start by finding out what your health goals and challenges are so we can provide support and guidance to help you achieve the best results.

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