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What you get with your iHealth Sauna

Diagnose -Try our Health On track survey to find which areas of your health are on track and which need a nudge back in the right direction

Sauna -On top of offering an industry leading sauna, we offer full guidance on how to get the most out of your sauna based on what you need help with. Tips and Tricks on temperatures, times, colour therapy usage, teas, oils and routines before and after your sauna session to name a few. We have a video on why this important here.

Facebook support group – Gain access to our private iHealth Saunas Private Facebook Owners Club. Use this space to post pictures, ask questions, offer tips and tricks and get down and... sweaty

Monthly Mastercalsses- Access our monthly Masterclass where we discuss all areas associated with getting our health back on track from chronic inflammation and natural remedies to the optimal time we should be sweating in our sauna for weight loss sessions.

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