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Advanced Far Infrared Sauna Technology for Your Health and Wellbeing

The iHealth Saunas story was born out of a love for natural health more than 14 years ago. Miriam Tyson, who co-founded the business with her husband Peter, has long believed that health starts from within. They believe that every person has the power to influence their own wellbeing through a thoughtful diet, exercise and the use of complementary therapies – including infrared sauna therapy. After thousands of hours of research and personal experience, Miriam and Peter maintain that Far infrared sauna technology is unsurpassed in its ability to support good health. The considerable sauna health benefits are centred around cleansing harmful toxins that can compromise the body’s own system of curing itself and remaining healthy.

Peter and Miriam consider it a privilege to bring the life giving benefits of infrared sauna therapy to each and every client. This belief inspired Peter and Miriam to create the highest quality, best value infrared sauna units available in Australia. Through fastidious quality control, they supply saunas that offer optimum performance, maximum therapeutic benefit and trouble-free ownership. The vast number of testimonials speak for themselves. They are so confident in their saunas, they offer a lifetime heater warranty and a 5 year cabinet and electrical warranty on every model sold. Peter and Miriam would like to thank you for allowing them to share the many sauna health benefits and wish you a future of health and happiness.


After Sales Service

When Miriam and Peter began iHealth Saunas, their goal was to deliver an after sales service that was second to none in the sauna industry. Their contention being ‘we offer such great warranties because we have confidence in our product and our brand, we’ll be around for a long time.’ iHealth Saunas employs Far infrared professionals in each major city across Australia, who can not only install your sauna but also tend to any problems should they ever arise. A comprehensive history of each client’s sauna is kept at iHealth Head Office, just like a vehicle’s history is kept with the car’s servicer.

 Talk to the team that is truly passionate about Far infrared sauna technology. Contact iHealth Saunas in Australia today on 1800 045 268.

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