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iHealth Saunas are Australia’s Premium Far Infrared Sauna Company helping Mums and Dads regain their quality of life.

We can deliver your sauna right to your doorstep, or even assemble it for you. Once assembled, you begin the Live Again experience where we provide 1 on 1 tailored sauna recommendations specific to you and your sauna goals, providing you the foundation to begin to improve your health using sauna.  

Alex Tyson

Founded in 2002 by Peter and Miriam Tyson, iHealth Saunas was created out of a love for natural health. After experiencing infrared saunas in Europe, Peter and Miriam decided to move away from the spa industry and bring the highest quality infrared saunas to Australia to begin helping Australian’s with their health through sauna.

Today, General Manager Alex Tyson is bringing change to the sauna industry, focusing on the clients, their individual stories and how to get the most out of their sauna. Alex’s passion for saunas and helping people began over 10 years ago, when parents Peter and Miriam were bringing clients through the house to try the sauna in the then home business. Alex could not believe the kind of debilitating issues people would present with, and it was the sauna that gave them relief and their quality of life back. It was these scenes that inspired him to live the most healthful lifestyle possible and utilise his upbringing in the sauna industry to help more people with sauna.

At iHealth Saunas we specialise in working with each individual client to maximise their sauna ownership, not just selling them a sauna and moving on like others. We have our clients set their sauna goals, and then work with them through our 8 week Live Again experience so they become not only an expert in infrared sauna, but also having achieved the sauna and health goals that inspired them to purchase a sauna in the first place. If you’re 150kg and want to lose some weight, your sauna sessions and routines are going to look vastly different to someone who wants to detox from heavy metals or reduce inflammation.  

We know how hard it can be living in chronic pain and forever searching for the trick to losing those extra few kilo’s you ever could. Your whole life has been spent looking after others, never truly feeling like you have had enough time for yourself. Now it is time for you to put your body and health first. iHealth Sauna provides the perfect platform for you to turn your health around. 

iHealth Saunas has helped over 5000 Australian’s improve their quality of life through sauna. “We have had amazing results from the time we installed our Sauna. The difference it has made to our weight loss, skin and pain relief is honestly fantastic. We do use our Sauna daily around 8:30 pm before we shower and go to bed. We find it relaxing and having a 2 seater is great to spend those 30 minutes with hubby and myself reflecting on the day with no interruptions, good quality time. Best thing we ever did was purchasing a Sauna.” Lindie Van Vuuren  
  To find out more about an iHealth Sauna, click here. Or to find out more about the live again experience, click here. Or if you want to speak with someone real and find out how an iHealth Sauna can benefit your life give us a call. Why wait longer to experience the benefit of sauna. 

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