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iHealth Sauna Sleep Wellness Pack


iHealth Sauna Sleep Wellness Pack
iHealth Sauna Sleep Wellness Pack iHealth Sauna Sleep Wellness Pack


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We've assembled Australia's best natural products to help with your sleep.

In this pack:

  • Bryon Bay Tea Co. organic calming tea
  • Rare Earth organic sleepy time essential oil
  • Rare earth organic breath essential oil
  • Miellerie Tasmanian organic honey
  • Himalayan salts
  • Bedtime meditation download



Drift off to a deeper sleep, more quickly.

A range of hand selected products based on years of dedication working with and discovering natural products and insights to improve our quality of sleep without resorting to medications and other nasties.

Now we've put them all in one goodie box for you.

Byron Bay Tea Co. Calming Tea

An exquisite, soothing evening tea combining Chamomile and Limeflower with Vanilla bean and Cinnamon.

The perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of a long, stressful day and to encourage a restful sleep at night. Pure bliss.

Rare Earth Essential Oils

Sleepy Time. 2 drops on pillow - Lavender, Sweet Orange, Vertiver, Chamomile and Sandlewood.

Breathe. Diffuse or rub on chest 1 hr before bed. Eucalyptus Crebra, Fir Needle, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Ginger

Himalayan Salt

Calm the nervous system, provide important trace minerals to our muscles and nerves to settle us. Enjoy with honey.

Tasmanian Organic Honey

1 Tsp before bed balances blood sugar and reduced wakefulness during sleep.

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