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For us, being healthy is laughing at the green juice spilled on our work shirt in the morning.It’s getting down and dirty in the Crossfit box. It's going for that wintery run at 5:30am in the rain instead of sleeping in. It’s finding the limits of our comfort zones and pushing them. For us, being healthy is the practice of trying to be our best selves every day. So we can show up for ourselves and the ones we love, and thrive in life. This podcast provides conversations with experts on the simple stuff we can do to look after ourselves. We dive deep into the fundamentals of being healthy, including food, water, air, environment, exercise, sleep, being joyful, choosing to practice happiness, chasing excellence and of course, enjoying a good sweat! 


Sweat It Out

In each episode, iHealth Saunas owner and health enthusiast Alex Tyson is joined by a guest expert in an iHealth sauna to sweat it out with them about their particular field of expertise. And these friendly conversations are packed with useful info and tips on how to make positive changes in your own life. Listen or watch on your favourite platform below.

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Ep. 17 Brendan Dalligan

'Running From Tigers'

Brendan is a Meditation and Body Mind Detoxification Coach. He is based in Sydney where he runs regular Meditation Workshops for those who want to discover their highest potential through Meditation.After discovering the intimate connection between inner mind suffering and physical illness after a journey recovering from Colitis, he now offers one on one Mindfulness and Detoxification Coaching for both Mind & Body transformation.You can access Brendan's offerings here: https://linktr.ee/brendandalliganFollow him on Instagram @brendan_dalligan

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