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Our Sweat It Out podcast is for those of us who understand being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s what we do everyday.

For us, being healthy is laughing at the green juice spilled on our work shirt in the morning.It’s getting down and dirty in the Crossfit box.

It's going for that wintery run at 5:30am in the rain instead of sleeping in. It’s finding the limits of our comfort zones and pushing them.

For us, being healthy is the practice of trying to be our best selves every day. So we can show up for ourselves and the ones we love, and thrive in life. 


This podcast provides conversations with experts on the simple stuff we can do to look after ourselves. We dive deep into the fundamentals of being healthy, including food, water, air, environment, exercise, sleep, being joyful, choosing to practice happiness, chasing excellence and of course, enjoying a good sweat!  

Learn how you can sleep better, kick-start your mornings and detox daily with ease here. 

In each episode, iHealth Saunas owner and health enthusiast Alex Tyson is joined by a guest expert in an iHealth sauna to sweat it out with them about their particular field of expertise. And these friendly conversations are packed with useful info and tips on how to make positive changes in your own life. 

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Episodes Breakdown

Ep. 1 Michaela Sparrow - 'Being Healthy 'Aint About Being Perfect'

While it sounds so easy, making healthy food choices each day is not always so simple. Yet diet has a fundamental influence on our health. 

In the first episode, Alex speaks with Qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Anti-Ageing Practitioner Michaela Sparrow about tips on how to do exactly that, and why it's so important for your longevity that you try your best. 

Listen to the episode sample here. 

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Full Ep. Watch Here. 


Ep.2 Nick Moss - 'Don't Survive...Thrive'

The coping mechanisms we develop as a child and life's stresses can easily shift our headspace into one of stress and reaction.

In episode two, Alex talks to integrative health practitioner Nick Moss (who focuses on brain based correction strategies), about understanding your brain, nervous system, limiting beliefs and how your physical and mental wellness are related. So you can learn to not just to survive, but to thrive.

Listen to the episode sample here. 

Full Ep. Listen Here.

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Ep.3 Molly Taylor - 'Floor It To Good Health'

Many high performing individuals have one thing in common - they believe that investing in their health and wellbeing is investing in their success.

Alex parks up with professional rally car driver Molly Taylor in episode three to discuss her approaches for staying fit and healthy while pursuing a busy life as a competitive sportsperson. And let's just say while 'there's no rest for the wicked', there definitely is for the successful. 

Listen to the episode sample here. 

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Ep.4 Max Naylor - 'Power In The Pyramid'

Attaining the fitness level and zen mindset of the super fit can often seem super unattainable. But if you have a body, your potential is limitless. 

Episode four sees Alex speak with black belt instructor, personal trainer and fitness coach Max Naylor, who explains the efficacy of disciplined goal setting, pyramid training, and embracing sustainable movement practices.

Listen to the episode sample here. 

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Ep.5 Sveti Williams - 'If You Snooze, You Don't Lose'

Getting good sleep doesn't come easy to all of us. But it's an incredibly important part of maintaining good health, and a habit worth working on if you need to. 

Sweating it out with Alex in this episode is renown sleep coach and author of 'Fix My Sleep' Sveti Williams. They discuss the common things that get in the way of getting good sleep and things to do and change to improve your slumber. 

Listen to the episode sample here. 

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