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Unique Two Heater System

Unique Two Heater System

At iHealth Saunas we pride ourselves on providing industry leading warranties, being the only company with an Australian Electrical certification, 5 star customer service and superior build quality. However the main component of our far infrared saunas is our unique two heater system.

However as with most topics in the sauna industry, there is confusion and myths  around different types of heaters, what they actually do and how they actually work. So let’s delve into far infrared and learn exactly what’s going on.

What is far infrared?

It is amazing how many people purchase far infrared saunas without actually understanding how infrared works. To most, as long as they get the health benefits or relaxation they’re after they're not concerned. But for those of you who want to understand exactly what is going on, let’s delve a little further.

Our sun emits a whole spectrum of light. Some light we can see (visible light) and a lot of it we can’t. Radio waves are a form of light, Gamma rays or waves are a form of light, and we all know about ultra violet light.

Far Infrared light is the part of the sun’s spectrum that creates photo synthesis in plants, and is also the part that warms us so deeply when we stand in the sun. On a technical level, this wavelength of light is 7 – 10 microns and is the same wavelength we humans actually emit ourselves.

By designing our heaters to emit this same wavelength of light, our heaters can penetrate 3-4cm deep into the skin, which is where all the amazing detoxification and pain relief begins J

What is the difference between Carbon Fibre and Ceramic heaters?

Historically, ceramic heaters were used as the main heating source in far infrared saunas, however ceramic heaters only offer a direct form of far infrared where-by you need to sit right in front of the ceramic to feel the heat;  this renders them less efficient if required to heat a large area.

What the Ceramic heaters do well is target our client’s specific problem areas, due to the accuracy the far infrared ceramic heaters emit. iHealth Saunas have designed the ceramic heaters into a moveable unit, allowing clients to place a ceramic heater right in front of their problem areas such as sore knees, feet and hands. This provides comfortable, targeted relief for the user.

Where the ceramic heaters struggle to emit far infrared over a large surface area, Carbon Fibre heaters excel. iHealth Saunas use Carbon Fibre heaters to surround the user from head to the lower back.

In combination, our Unique Two heater system provides the best of both worlds: Evenly emitted far infrared from our Carbon Fibre Panels, and a specific, targeted solution from our Ceramic heaters for the front of the body, if and when required.

Occasionally we come across articles stating ‘Ceramic heaters are the best’ or ‘Carbon Fibre heaters are the best’.

There isn’t a real answer to the argument, as both heater types provide solutions for different issues, provided the heaters are emitting the correct frequency, and are sourced from a reputable company.  (Beware of cheap infrared companies whose heaters do not emit the correct wavelength)

We at iHealth always highly recommend consumers go to physically view any potential far infrared sauna company they may be looking at, or interested in. This is the only true way of seeing and trying the different heater types and other qualities of the saunas, and will greatly assist in making the right decision for the individual.

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